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Reliable Funeral Services in Southwell

If you're planning a funeral for a loved one, contact us today. Based in Southwell, serving the surrounding areas.

Fully Comprehensive Funeral Services

Here at D. J. Hall Funeral Services, we support you as you say goodbye. We pride ourselves on offering a fully comprehensive funeral service for you. Our helpful and knowledgeable team have the years of experience to be able to assist you in any way possible. If you aren't sure where to start, we can guide you in the right direction, or help with arranging the interment ashes.

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What Can We Help With?

  • Funeral cars and limousines

  • Memorial services

  • Burials and cremations

  • Arrangement of ashes

  • Religious ceremonies

  • Green or non-religious funerals

  • Documents required for death registration

  • Funeral plans

Our Services

Our services include the arrangement of floral tributes, and

arranging coffins and caskets, including ones that are environmentally friendly.


We help with finding a priest, minister, humanist, or other celebrants. Contact us today if you'd like to learn more about funeral costs or funeral plans. Contact our friendly team today to discuss more about our funeral services.

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Helping Bereaved Families Arrange The Funeral They Want

When you’re recently bereaved, arranging a funeral can feel overwhelming, and with so many different options nowadays, it’s not easy to know where to start

Some people want to honour their loved one with a personalised tribute featuring a picture coffin reflecting the interests of the person who has died or a specific type of transport, others prefer a more sombre affair, opting for a traditional funeral comprising a black hearse, formal suits and floral sprays.

In recent years, there has also been a trend towards more simple funerals. These comprise the basic elements such as a hearse, standard coffin and a service in a venue such as a crematorium chapel or church. 

Direct cremations, also known as unattended funerals, have risen in popularity too. This is partly to do with pandemic restrictions, which no longer apply, and a desire for greater simplicity and more involvement by families in the process of arranging a funeral.

As your trusted local independent funeral director, we are proud to offer all of these funerals and feel it’s important that our clients understand what each entails, particularly the difference between a direct and a simple service.

Our direct cremation service is offered in partnership with leading crematorium provider Westerleigh Group and its sister company Distinct Cremations – and is available thanks to our membership of the National Society of Allied and Independent Funeral Directors (SAIF).

We’ve teamed up with these high quality organisations to give bereaved people in our community an opportunity to arrange unattended funerals locally and at a price that offers excellent value and with our unattended funeral option, your loved one will be cared for at our funeral home rather than sent to a large facility in another part of the country.


So, if you’re about to arrange a funeral and are unsure as to your options, or are simply interested and want to better understand what to do when the time comes, talk to a member of our caring team. We will gladly assist.

Your independent funeral director, keeping bereavement care local and personal.

Contact our friendly team today to discuss more about our funeral services.

Why Choose D. J. Hall Funeral Directors?

Family Run & Independent

Well Established

Need fully comprehensive funeral services? Contact us today.

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