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With us, you don’t have to worry 
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If you wish to understand the funeral costs of different types of services, call D. J. Hall Funeral Directors.

Direct cremation services 

We offer customised funeral and memorial services. Our direct cremation service costs £1,720.00 and is fully inclusive. Restrictions apply. 

Our professional funeral directors can offer help and advice on the necessary funeral arrangements at any point in time.
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Simple funeral

We have confirmed to the NFFD that we can conduct a simple cremation service at Gedling Crematorium or Mansfield Crematorium.  This includes the conveyance of the deceased from home or hospital, the cost of a hearse, a suitable coffin, pallbearers, doctors' fees, cremation fee and celebrants' or ministers' fee for £2,500.00 - fully inclusive. 

Restrictions apply, such as there is no organist, and no limousines are provided. We meet you at the crematorium and the cremation takes place on weekdays. The NFFD considers this a fair sum to charge for the level of work and resources needed in conducting such a service.

Standard funeral

A standard cremation service is held at Mansfield Crematorium or Gedling Crematorium. This includes the local conveyance of the deceased from your home or a hospital., a hearse and one limousine, a Southwell coffin and pallbearers, arranged to your convenience for £1,920.00 plus third party fees. 

Other fees and restrictions may apply. Several other funeral options are available. We provide a "like for like" price match based on the nearest geographical funeral homes. 
Standard funeral
To learn more about our funeral costs, call D. J. Hall Funeral Directors on 
01636 812 481
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